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Suzie B. Spicebeary-Boyds Bears Yankee Candle Exclusive #94692YC ***RARE*** *

$209.99 $224.99

Fall 2002 Yankee Candle/Country Clutter Exclusive! This set features Suzie B. Spicebeary, a 14-inch gold baking bear in a fall checked dress with a cinnamon corduroy apron. She features the Yankee logo and a "Country Clutter" ribbon on her foot pads, and comes complete with a special hang tag that tells her tale. Suzie comes with a matching "Beary Spice" 22-oz. Housewarmer(r) jar candle with exclusive Boyds Bear label and a resin candle topper, "Suzie...Spice It Up!"



Item Number: 94692YC

Introduced: October 2002

Height: 14"

Materials: plush fur with poly fillin'

Poseable: Yes

Status: Retired




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