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Mr. Noah and Friends-Boyds Bears #900100 Limited Edition *


Our Limited Edition T.J.'s Best Dressed mocha Noah bear is sportin' his cruisewear: a gingham headdress, the traditional cotton gambaz gown and checked tie, a ginger-colored velvet overcoat, a handy canvas sachel, and six Wuzzie friends-whatta handful! Noah's limited to six months' production, so check for the special edition label on the paw. We've included a little surprise for ya! (if ya can't wait to find out, it's flood insurance, letters to and from the "Big Guy Upstairs," and a cubit ruler - just to double check his work!).



Item Number: 900100

Introduced: October 2000

Height: 14"

Materials: plush fur with poly stuffin'

Poseable: Yes

Status: Retired

Limited Edition: No

Edition Size: Limited to 6 months production




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