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Ms. Appleby and Olivia-Boyds Teacher Bears #99895V QVC Exclusive ***RARE*** *


School's in session and Boyds fully believes in education, even for bears. Ms. Appleby is trying to teach lil' Olivia her ABC's, but I don't think Olivia is paying too much attention. Ms. Appleby is a 10" mocha bear. She's fully armatured (meanin' she's posable!) She has brown eyes, a black hand-stitched nose and mouth, and beige felt paw pads. Ms. Appleby is dressed in a white jersey shirt with denim romper with an apple, pencil, and "ABC" embroidery on the front. She is wearing red bloomers and a red and blue ear bow. Ms. Appleby will also have Liz Smith's signature stamp and hand numbering on her hang tag. Olivia is a gold 6", bean-filled bear wearing a red romper and a red and denim neck bow. The Limited Edition set comes complete with a working chalkboard.

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