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Captain Kisses-Boyds Bears Cow #94222HE Hershey's Exclusive LE ***Hard to Find*** *


May 2005 Hershey Exclusive.

Sixth in the series of Hershey's(r) Cows by Boyds, Captain Kisses celebrates the space-age sixties, a decade when America looked toward the stars with it's space program and President Kennedy's challenge to reach the moon by the end of the decade, accomplished by Neil Armstrong in 1969. Captain Kisses is a 10"H black and white, fully jointed, bean and poly filled cow who features a silver lamiae space suit with chocolate brown "H" embroidery and a metallic silver Hershey's Kiss(r) stitched into the foot pad.

Item Number: 94222HE

Introduced: October 2005

Height: 10"

Materials: plush fur with bean stuffing

Poseable: Yes

Status: Retired

Limited Edition: No

Edition Size: 6,000

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