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Tristan G. Peekabear & Friends... Hide and Peek!-Boyds Bears Bearstone #4020908 *


Tristan G. Peekabear & Friends... Hide and Peek!

Item #4020908


Introduction: Summer 2010

Boyds Bearstones

Stone Resin

7.25in H x 6.125in W



Ready or Not Here I Come! The childhood game of hide and seek is beautifully recreated in this Bearstone figurine. Dressed in denim and standing on a sculpted grass base, Tristan patiently...or maybe impatientlyàburies his head against the old wooden fence and counts to ten as his barnyard friends do their best to hide. With details to be found at every angle, the backside of the figurine features a bunny standing atop a Holstein cow and a squiggly-wiggly lil' pig.



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