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Evanka von Crimson-Boyds Bears #4016227 ***Very Hard to Find***QVC Exclusive *


Hi, I'm Evanka von Crimson! I'm a QVC Exclusive and very hard to find!

I stand approx. 14" tall, Boyds style #4016227, introduced in 2009, and am retired (no longer in production). I am wearing a lovely sleeveless ruby-red satin dress, with a shimmering overlay, and a ruffle which extends around my waistline and around the hem of the dress. A single red rosette adorns my waist, and a matching rosette adorns my headpiece. I am wearing white silk pantaloons underneath my dress, which match my short-sleeve coverlet and purse. Please be sure to notice the jeweled accents and beadwork on my coverlet (vest) and on my purse. By the way, you can also hide jewelry, or some other small gift, inside my purse; it has a magnetic snap closure, too !

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