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Tucker F. Wuzzie-Boyds Bears Puppy Dog Pin #599902-08 *


Tucker F. Wuzzie

Poly stuffing pin

A Mini-Pooch who is truly "man's best friend", Tucker is willing and able to go anywhere with you...'cause he's a Wuzzie Pin! This lil' Doggie could become quite attached (ark, ark!) to you - just remember that he can't swim very well (he has to do the Dog Paddle, you know) so a Swimsuit is probably not the best place for him..otherwise, he'll happily sit and stay on a Lapel, a Pocket, or even a Handbag (Tucker comes from a long line of Watchdogs).

Item Number: 599902-08

Theme: TF Wuzzies

Size: 2H

Introduced: 1999

Retired: 2000

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