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Big Ben Bearhugs-Boyds Bears #500050-05


May we introduce the biggest darn bear Boyds evah cranked out? We saved him for last 'cause the Folks at Boyds always like to go out with a big bang (the neighbors are startin' to complain about the noise, but we don't give a hoot!). His name's Big Ben and he's forty inches of the finest espresso plush we could find (The Head Bean spent weeks sortin' through fabrics 'till he found just the right one!). If ya haven't noticed already, we're stickin' with our antique silhouette for this feller (i.e. He's just a jumbo version of our most popular designs!). Yer probably thinkin', "Cute, but where in the blazes am I gonna stash this thing?" The Folks at Boyds gotta few ideas: In yer entryway, storefront, show window, den, foyer, on the roof (betta waterproof him first!), or just about anywhere ya want to make a (bigger than life) Boyds statement!

Please do not feed the bear.  He's already overstuffed!


Item Number: 500050-05

Collection: JB Bean & Assoc

Size: 40H

Features: Limited

Introduced: 2000


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